Barsav Architecture Atelier (since 2004) is a group of young architects who are in collaboration with engineers from other specialized fields of construction, trying to design spaces for human life.
Residence, work, production, trade, leisure, sports, etc. all take place in life by human beings. The architects of Barsav are of the belief that a great place to live is a place that performs as alive. That is to say, such places should be given adaptablitity to different factors like seasons and behaviors.
Furthermore, Barsav architects pay attention to “usage”, “construction procedure” and “financial aspects” of each project, to a great extent.
Design processes at Barsav Atelier are the way that, though they are not influenced by structural, mechanical and electrical installation requirements, sometimes their potential of being exposed is considered, promoting the project’s attraction. Moreover, every element should be capable of presentation in façade of the buildings. For instance, this feature predominates regarding industrial projects, about which integration of architectural concepts and structural elements as well as familiarity with new materials and technologies have played important roles.
In addition, reconstruction and renovation of ancient and valuable buildings and revitalizing their spaces and facade with today’s needs, has been one of the passions of our architects. Therefore, numerous experiences have been gained in this field too.
Barsav Architects consider each project regardless of dimensions, scale, location and usage, as an opportunity to discover new methods of creation and pursue a particular experience. Attendance of our architects to the pre-construction, implementation and performance stages is possible, depending on each project’s condition.


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